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    Frank Fluegel
    E-mail: info(at)frankfluegel.com
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    Frank Fluegel
    E-mail: info(at)frankfluegel.com

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      David Gerstein Nature Lover - Butterfly sculpture
      07.02.2024 / david gerstein
      David Gerstein celebrates his 80th birthday in 2024 | FRANK FLUEGEL GALERIE
      The isralian artist David Gerstein celebrates his 80th birthday in 2024. FRANK FLUEGEL GALERIE with locations in Kitzbühel/Austria and Nuremberg/Germany congratulates him wholeheartedly on this occasion.

      The artist David Gerstein was born in Jerusalem (Israel) in November 1944. He lives and works near Tel Aviv. Gerstein is an established and internationally renowned artist. His works of art can be found in numerous museums worldwide. In recent years, many cities have purchased monumental outdoor sculptures for parks or gardens, such as Singapore with the over 4 meter high sculpture “Momentum”.

      David Gerstein Artist Portrait 2024
      David Gerstein Artist Portrait 2024

      David Gerstein was educated on several continents (Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem, Ecole Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, Art Student League in New York and St Martin’s School of Art in London) and has developed a hybrid practice and aesthetic over the course of his 50-year career; at the intersection of Pop Art, Minimalism and Optical Art, reflecting this pluralistic and cosmopolitan dimension: a vibrant creation.

      David Gerstein Nature Lover - Butterfly sculpture
      David Gerstein Nature Lover – Butterfly sculpture

      Three-dimensional and multi-layered wall sculptures

      His approach is characterized by the cutting out of shapes and figures; an approach he associates with his childhood and youth, when he helped his father in his father’s leather tailoring business. Equally central is the color, which becomes increasingly bold and pop and gives the works movement. These wall sculptures, mostly cut out of aluminum and consisting of several layers, are reminiscent of the cutouts and steelcuts of his artist colleagues Tom Wesselmann or Alex Katz.

      David Gerstein cuts out and paints steel and aluminum to embed his figures and scenes in three-dimensional structures and wall designs that are both unchanging and pulsating. The “pictures” and compositions he creates come from the world of childhood or from everyday life, such as the numerous wall sculptures of various cars. But they are also inspired by sport or music. David Gerstein also finds inspiration in city life, such as in the artwork Street View, Marathon Berlin, or the animal and plant world. He also became famous for his groups of butterflies or cyclists. The various layers are mounted on the wall at intervals of around 5 cm. This allows views from different perspectives. Similar to Alex Katz’s cutouts, which can be purchased at FRANK FLUEGEL GALERIE, these metal layers cast shadows and graphic patterns on the wall and thus merge with the room in which they are exhibited. The sculpture becomes the picture and the picture becomes the sculpture.

      David Gerstein’s monumental works in public space include his sculptures for the Hsinchu Stadium in Taiwan (2002); his exhibitions at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (1985, 1999 and 2003); his Presence-Present project for the Jerusalem Biennale of Jewish Contemporary Art (2015); or more recently (2017) his sculptures for the National Park in Guizhou Province, China. His works have also been exhibited at the Ramat-Gan Museum, the Performing Arts Center in Tel Aviv, the Ashod Museum of Art, the MoBY (Museums of Bat Yam), the Haifa Museum of Contemporary Art.

      In 1970, David Gerstein worked with figurative art in painting for ten years.

      Then he tried to find another way to express his ideas that was more personal. His choice was to get as close as possible to sculpture while maintaining his identity as a painter. The trigger for the change from painting to wall sculpture was the artist’s visit to the retrospective of Franck Stella at the MOMA in New York in 1987. He understood the importance of sculpture, movement, volumes and reliefs. From then on, he decided on a new artistic direction, the one that would make him famous and successful worldwide: Wall sculpture.

      Countless shows and exhibitions by David Gerstein have followed all over the world to this day. Naturally accompanied by awards and prizes all over the world. Like many artists, David Gerstein is still active today. He now lives and works near Tel Aviv in Israel, as does the artist Orit Fuchs, who is represented internationally by gallery owner Frank Fluegel.

      Since then, David Gerstein’s artworks have experienced a solid price development. Due to the large number of museums and collections that have bought his artworks over the years, they have always remained stable in value.

      “I am a painter by nature. Even though I create works that come close to sculpture, I think of them as paintings,” says David Gerstein in an interview in 2018. He also became known for his many brushstroke works, such as “Drop of Love”.

      Initially he carved from wood, but in the early 1980s, when laser technology became widespread, he used steel. From then on, this was a revolution in his work. He eventually succeeded in creating his wall sculptures in metal, which are now his trademark. David Gerstein manages to create shadow plays and superimpositions with the material and surprise the collector!

      The wall sculptures are created from a preliminary drawing. This drawing is processed by computer so that the metal can be cut out with a laser. All sculptures are painted by hand with car body paint, which is why they look so shiny. This perfect preservation is one of the reasons why David Gerstein’s artworks retain their value so well. Unlike prints on paper, they are insensitive and not subject to natural ageing.

      Now in 2024, when the artist David Gerstein is celebrating his 80th birthday, he says: “The older I get, the younger the colors become. I want to convey a philosophy of making paintings more cheerful, more colorful and more joyful”. In keeping with this, the artist has been designing numerous flowers and flower bouquets for years, which are of course also available as steel cuts.

      FRANK FLUEGEL GALERIE, with locations in Nuremberg and Kitzbuehel, has focused on high-quality originals of pop art, street art and contemporary art for over twenty years.

      The art collector will find original artworks, prints and unique pieces by hip and up-and-coming artists such as Adam Handler, Katherine Bernhardt, Sol Felpeto, Jon Burgerman, Alex Katz, David Shrigley, Kenny Scharf, Hunt Slonem, Orit Fuchs, Nathan Paddison, Fanny Brodar, Andy Warhol and Julian Opie at fair market prices.

      Of course, editions and prints by highly sought-after artists such as Mel Ramos, Roy Lichtenstein, Harland Miller, Tom Wesselmann, Sean Scully, Gerhard Richter, Ross Bleckner, Allen Jones, Thomas Ruff and Mel Bochner are also on sale. The artists David Gerstein, Peter Doig, Jeff Koons, Tracey Emin, Raqib Shaw, Derrick Adams and Robert Longo, who are popular with collectors worldwide, are also represented in the portfolio of the internationally renowned gallery.

      The rapidly growing street art segment is perfectly complemented by successful artists such as Mr. Brainwash (Thierry Guetta), XOOOOX, Punk Me Tender, BAMBI, Fringe the Artist, Max Mavior and John Crash Matos.

      Of course, the owner-managed gallery also offers design objects and vintage furniture by Maurizio Cattelan, Paul Smith, Richard Orlinski, Philippe Starck and Pierre Jeanerette for sale.

      Exhibitions are held at regular intervals in the centrally located gallery spaces in Nuremberg and Kitzbuehel. Collectors can buy works of art around the clock in the unique online store. International trade fair participations and solo shows round off the program of the renowned gallery.

      Obere Woerthstrasse 12 / Germany
      90403 Nuernberg

      Josef-Pirchl-Strasse 6
      6370 Kitzbuehel / Austria

      Many of David Gerstein’s artworks can be found in public spaces around the world:

      2011 Hyundai Department Store, Seoul,S.Korea – David Gerstein Outdoor Printed Screens around the renovated ruilding, 60×300 meter
      2014 Hsinchu County Stadium
      2014 3 public art works – Loby of Taikang Residence of Elderly People, Beijing, China
      2015 „Presence-Present“, Gerstein / Alana Ruben, Jerusalem Biannale of Contemporary Jewish Art
      2014 3 Free Standing Sculptures for Athletic Stadium, Hsinchu, Taiwan, Public Project
      2014 2 Wall Sculptures for Lobby at Azriely Center, Holon, Israel, Public Project
      2014 Award by the international commitee of the olimpic games
      2016 Special gift given to the Pope Franciskus by the artist
      2016 „Windows“ – 4 sculptures in Modiin, Israel
      2017 5 sculptures in National Park, Guizhou, China
      2017 „Journey Through My Gardens“ – Loby of Taikang’s Residence, Beijing, China.

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      07.02.2024 / Frank Flügel

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